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Funeral Masses for Pete Cerreta and Anthony Thomas on our Youtube channel

If you wish to view the reccordings of the funeral Masses at Our Lady of the Hills, you can see them on our Youtube channel     

Returning to Church

1) When you arrive at church, leave a space between your car and the next car for spatial distance. Before you exit your auto, place your mask on.  Everyone will need to wear masks at all times in church.

2) All people will need to bring a personal hand sanitizer if possible to be used especially before and after receiving Holy Communion.

3) All people will need to enter through the front center door of the church only.

4) All Sunday offerings will be placed in a basket in the center aisle as you enter the church.

5) If available, take a paper Missal that will be yours from now on.  When you bring it home, put your name on it.

6) Use a hand saniitizer and then follow the usher who will bring you to your pew.  Keep 6 feet apart in the pew unless you are members of the same family.

7) Please sing very gently and softly (e.g. as we do when we sing "Silent Night.")

8) Ushers/greeters will guide people out of their pews (keeping social distance) to go forward along the center aisle to receive Communion.

9) With your face mask on receive Communion, then step to the left or right, lower the mask, place the Communion in their mouth, replace the mask on your face and then return by the side aisle  to their pew. 

10) There will be no Communion with the Precious Blood.

11) People will leave church pew by pew by a side aisle beginning at the rear of the church and at the direction of an usher/greeter.

12) As you leave, there will be bulletins for those who do not get email and also copies of The Word Among Us for those who wish to take on.

13) All people must exit through the side door near the parking lot only, return to their autos without congregating, only remove their mask then, and exit the parking lot.  

15) The basement will be locked to limit the sanitation requirements and thus the only bathroom to be used is the one in the confession sacristy located to the left side of the main altar and behind the tabernacle.  This should only be used for emergencies.

15) Following each and every Mass (whether weekday or weekend), the pews, doors, door handles, and other items that have been touched will be sanitized by volunteers. 

All this means that you will need to be incredibly patient and flexible.  For example, you may not be seated in your traditional pew or even on the side of the church in which you havae customarily been seated.  We ask your understanding as we work through the decisions that must be made to comply with state and church guidance and also for your health and safety and that of the other parishioners.  We also alert you to the fact that modifications may be made to these guidelines as we go along based on the actual experience here at Our Lady of the Hills.  

N.B. Confessions will be on Saturdays from 3:00-3:30.  We ask that you wear a mask at all times and stand along the center aisle observing the 6-foot separation markers until the person before you exits.  Upon leaving the confessional, please use the side aisle to exit the church immediately.  In the reconciliation room itself we ask that all people kneel (or stand if kneeling is not possible) behind the confessional screen.  The priest will have his mask on.  While the space there is tight there are 3 layers of separation (each mask plus the screen itself).  There will be no face-to-face confession at this time as there is not sufficient social distance space.  

Let us pray with and for each other!

Fr. Richard


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